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Principal Software Engineer

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When he was a kid years earlier, Mohamed Osman had the typical ideas of what he would be when he grew up. First, there was the traditional role of the astronaut, explorer, and company leader or military figure. Looking back, he smiles at how wrong and simplistic his assumptions were in Osman's early juvenile phase. Nonetheless, life brought Mohamed to where he is today, a successful software engineer responsible for some excellent digital tools that are now in production and being applied.

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Software Development
September 27, 2022

What Is Meant by Software Development?

Software development is the process of designing and building software. It requires knowledge of different technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. Understanding these factors will enable a developer to focus on the core product. It is essential to apply technologies that maximize efficiency. Not all technologies are equally applicable to each application. Agile methodologies Agile methodologies […]

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